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Why YouShore Labs?

Investor in marketing

We cover 80% - 100% of your marketing spend, giving you access to great PR, extremely-targeted and cost-efficient traffic and our mentor's marketing expertise

Tailored programme

We don't offer a standard programme for all; we work with you to understand the unique challenges you are facing and structure a bespoke programme around those areas

Focus on traction

Above and all, our aim is to help you to generate revenue and achieve a VC backable business model in 6 months

Our Programme

Try our Full or Express programme


Our Express Programme prepares you for Go-to-Market.

We kick-start our Express Programme with a clear understanding of your USP, customers, markets and competitors, leading to a recommendation of where your acquisition opportunity lies.

We then work closely with you to formulate a marketing plan, with a focus on digital marketing.

At the end of the Programme, you will have the answers to the following questions:

  • Who are your customers?
  • Why will they choose you?
  • Where will they find you?
  • What will they tell others about you?

Our Express Programme costs £999. Successful startups who completed the Programme can be automatically enrolled to our Full Programme and benefit from our PR and marketing capabilities.


If you have a great product, we will help it to take off.

Under our Full Programme, you will have YouShore Labs' full capabilities at your disposal from day 1:

  • Great PR: you get promoted by a rank of social media influencers with combined 0.5m UK followers who work exclusively with us
  • Extremely cost-effective and efficient traffic: we serve your ads directly to the major social media platforms, at a tiny fraction (10% to 20%) of the PPC cost you would anticipate to pay Google, Facebook or Twitter if you serve ads with them directly.
  • Expertise that makes a difference: not only can our mentors share their experience, insight and best practices with you, they will also work closely with you to shape your strategy, formulate a marketing plan which makes full use of our capabilities and help you to accelerate to the next round.

And the best of all, you get all of the above by partnering with us on a results basis.*

If you are a disruptive startup with a great product, we'd love to hear from you.

* Depending on whether your business needs revenue or exposure our investment offer will be made to you on either part equity and part revenue share basis or part equity and part pay per click basis

Meet Our Mentors

Our start-ups really value the mentorship they receive. We link the requirements of your start-up to the individual skills of our mentors. Your mentor will then provide their expertise and insights to help you to navigate through your start-up journey.
Select a mentor to find out more about them:

Stuart Hall

Lena Baudo

Adrian Smith

Nic Windley

Sean Lydon

Our Approach

Plan. Test. Grow.

  • Month 1

    Strategy and Marketing Plans

    Our mentors will work with to shape your existing strategy and come up with a digital marketing plan. We will also produce an action plan for the next 5 months and define clear targets to be achieved.

  • Month 2

    Test the Market

    We will start to give you exposure on social media and drive traffic to your site/app so that you can gage initial customer response based on which you can refine your product and work with your mentors to tweak your marketing plan.

  • Month 3

    Full Launch

    From month 3 we will launch you to the market. We will expose your products to 0.5m UK customers and gradually increase the traffic to your site/app.

  • Month 6

    Summary And Next Steps

    Our mentors will do a full review of your progress to date and work with you to agree with next steps. Very likely your startup would have been ready for the next funding round which we will prepare you for. When you are ready to pitch, we will also introduce you to right investors.

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Tell us about you and your startup

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About YouShore

Delivering Powerful Insight from Social and Text Data

YouShore is a specialist company in Social Media Marketing and Analytics. Our proprietary engine combines the power of natural language processing, statistical modelling and artificial intelligence, enabling us to understand the (very slightly different) personalities of each social media user in extremely granular details. We currently work with Omnicom and WPP, two of the world's biggest adverting agencies, to help their corporate clients identify, acquire and analyse the target audience on social media.

In the past our capabilities had only been available to big corporations, such as telcos, supermarkets and holiday providers. With YouShore Labs launched on 1st June 2017, they are now also available to startup companies enrolled in our Full Programme.